Mission Statement

  • As a comprehensive high school, Glen Cove High School has been approved and licensed since 1908 to award diplomas to its students who have successfully completed their courses of study and fulfilled other requirements mandated by the New York State Board of Regents.

    Glen Cove High School, in concurrence with the mission of the Glen Cove School District, offers students the opportunity for an effective educational experience in a safe, comfortable and productive environment. In addition, the mission is to instill in students independence, civic consciousness, social awareness, responsibility and the mastery of defined skills and knowledge enabling them to accept society's challenges in our ever-changing world.

    In order to accomplish our mission, Glen Cove High School adheres to the following educational philosophy:

    • Every student is an individual; thus, the schedule is structured so they can choose from a wide variety of courses to meet both present and future needs.
    • Students are grouped in a manner that facilitates achievement and the development of positive self esteem.
    • All course levels are available to every individual and each is encouraged to excel to his/her full potential.
    • An orderly, stable, school environment is provided to foster student learning, protect student rights, provide safety in an atmosphere based on respect and human dignity.
    • The school encourages parental involvement and participation in school activities.
    • All subject areas and grade levels support the instructional approaches of Glen Cove High School: critical thinking; study skills; cooperative learning; interdisciplinary learning, portfolio assessment.
    • The school administrators, faculty, parents, and students share in the decision making process that gives direction to school improvement efforts. These outcomes are monitored and evaluated.
    • The school provides instructional programs for all students including at-risk, gifted, and students with special needs.
    • The school provides educational programs and opportunities to celebrate the cultural differences and contributions of our diverse student body and community.
    • A wide spectrum of extra and co-curricular activities are available after school to assure a well- rounded educational experience.
    • Through a variety of curricular and extra curricular approaches, Glen Cove High School provides college and career exploration activities forstudents and their families.

    The Glen Cove City School District affirms that no person shall be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any educational program or activity on the basis of sex, national origin, race or handicap.